VerusMedia™ is our mobile advertising network

Our advertisers and publishers want to grow their business with an advertising network with world-class client service and the most advanced technological solutions. VerusMedia™ is a network with experts in the field of digital marketing. Our leading technology platform allows us to offer performance solutions based on our clients specific needs.


Is our mobile app that features our VeriView™ technology.

The PlayJinglz app offers games that allow users to earn points redeemable for cash, merchandise, and even contributions to charity. As a user plays, they’re shown brief, targeted ads. Their level of interest and openness to messaging are measured while each ad view is verified through facial & audio detection. Demo versions are available for Apple and Android upon request.


Campaign Tester™ is our video survey tool

Campaign Tester™ utilizes a mobile phone or tablet to test and measure audiences emotional reactions (responses) to videos. Marketers use Campaign Tester™  to test their video content for emotional responses before they invest in costly ad campaigns. Campaign Tester™ economically provides marketers with valuable data and insight as to how their videos are performing. 


Rewardz Shop

Is our tokenized wallet app that allows advertisers to reward users.

Rewardz Shop allows users to earn rewards just for engaging with sponsored content. Advertisers who utilize our VeriView™ technology in their mobile video ads give users the opportunity to earn gift cards from their favorite brands! Users opt-in, users engage, users earn!