Tech firms see 84% Increase in new business opportunities since COVID-19

June 19, 2020

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, companies all over the world have been scrambling to adopt new ways of conducting business. The spread of the disease has forced government agencies, schools, corporate offices, and even healthcare organizations to find ways to adjust to the public health threat. While it’s been a tough year for some sectors, the tech industry is seeing a rise in new business opportunities, according to a survey last week conducted by CompTIA, a prominent technology certifying body.

CompTIA has been conducting a series of surveys of its members since the beginning of nationwide stay-at-home orders to assess the impact of COVID-19 on tech businesses. In this most recent survey, 84% of tech firms reported seeing an increase in new business opportunities since late March.

It’s a testament to the rising demand for technology solutions that help companies and organizations conduct their work at a time when efficiency, accuracy, and public health are of ever-increasing importance.

What does this mean for Jinglz?

These survey results validate our own research and point to a very promising future. As a company building technology that helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of content distribution and spending– an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars– Jinglz is poised to capture substantial market share with its products.

In CompTIA’s survey, 42% of tech firms reported new business inquiries related to moving from on-premise to cloud-based solutions. Our EmotionTrac™ enabled platform is already live and running at It enables video content creators to build and deploy remotely delivered audience tests to measure their emotional response to the content they’re shown. Instead of conducting live focus group tests, producers, advertisers, and agencies can use the platform’s AI-powered technology to drive their decision-making and improve the performance of the content they create before they distribute it.

The best part is that they can do everything remotely. To create and deploy a test, they simply upload their video content, add a reward for their respondents, provide an invite list based on their target audience profile (or source one from us), and the test is delivered remotely via our mobile app or the participants’ computer and webcam. The system uses facial detection to track the viewer’s attention and engagement, and facial expression analysis to recognize their emotional response second-by-second as they watch the video.

The results of a completed test are available within minutes on the CampaignTester dashboard, and our customers can use the detailed data to gain critical insights and help improve their content. All remotely. All online.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Jinglz.

We have a product in the marketplace that a rapidly growing industry needs now more than ever. And we’re just beginning to expand our sales and marketing operations to bring on more clients. To that end, we currently have an Online Public Offering available on the Netcapital funding portal for those wishing to invest in our company. The proceeds from the offering will be used to fund these new operations and take advantage of the increasing demand for new remote technology solutions.

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