Ad Tech Company Jinglz Inc Makes List Of Top Crowdfunding Campaigns

//Ad Tech Company Jinglz Inc Makes List Of Top Crowdfunding Campaigns

Eustis, FL, December 11, 2017 – Florida based mobile advertising technology company, Jinglz Inc., launched a 60-day Equity Crowdfunding OPO on November 29, and in their first full week, the tech startup out of Eustis, FL ranked #4 among all crowdfunding campaigns in total commitments for the week, according to The OPO (Online Public Offering) is hosted by and utilizes new SEC regulations that allow non-accredited investors to make small investments in private companies. Their public offering can be viewed at

“Equity crowdfunding represents an esd Scott Crumpler, Senior Marketing & Business Intelligence manager at Jinglz.

Jinglz creates technology solutions for mobile advertising, and they’ve built a platform that uses the sensors in mobile devices to verify when a user is actually looking at the ads they’re shown while using mobile apps. They’ve developed an app called PlayJinglz for Android and iPhone devices that are currently in beta testing and is the first to demonstrate the power of this technology.

Their proposition is that the ability to verify ad views will allow the firm to charge premium rates to advertisers, as traditional models for mobile advertising simply charge “per impression”– where an ad is delivered to the device but there is no guarantee that the user actually watches the ad as it plays.

Chief Product Officer, Dewey Robbins explains, “Our technology uses facial and audio detection so that advertisers know for certain whether a user has actually watched the ad they’re shown. For advertisers, this is a huge leap forward, because, at present, they’re forced to buy enormous numbers of impressions at very low rates in the hopes that a small percentage of users will actually engage with their ad. With Jinglz’ ad tech, they will only pay for those verified views.”

Jinglz’ revenue strategy going into 2018 is to build a mobile ad network with additional apps they create along with apps from other publishers who will use the Jinglz technology to monetize their apps as well. Initially founded in 2014, Jinglz raised close to $1 million in private seed funding to design the PlayJinglz app and build an ad platform that can scale to handle millions of users simultaneously.