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At Jinglz, we build products that create measurable, positive change in the mobile advertising space.

Virtually all the mobile apps we use every day rely on digital advertising for monetization.  According to eMarketer, an estimated 45 billion dollars was spent in 2017 on mobile ads, and that market is growing.  And yet, the current model is for mobile advertising to interrupt the user experience-- and we don't like that.  Neither do the advertisers, in fact,  for all the money spent, advertisers are only able to reach a small percentage of users who will actually engage with ads they see.

So what if engaging with mobile ads became a part of the user experience-- no more interruptions?  And what if advertisers could get a better ROI on their ad buys?

This thought drove us to develop what is now known as our Verified View technology. This technology utilizes a mobile device’s sensors for facial and audio detection to verify that users are engaging with the ads they’re served. With this guaranteed engagement model we are able to incorporate gamification techniques and rewards in order to make viewing targeted mobile ads a part of the user’s experience with the app.

It's a new model that disrupts the scattershot approach currently offered in digital advertising. With the ad distribution network we're building using this technology, advertisers can now pay a premium cost per engagement that will return a better value and allow us to capture a substantial portion of this 45 billion dollar market.

We’ve developed our own mobile app for Android and iOS devices to leverage this technology.We will soon begin rolling out a software development kit for app publishers that will allow them to monetize their own apps with our Verified Views technology and join our ad network.

Our Product Portfolio

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VerusVideo - Digital Ad Network For Publishers

Become a part of the Verus Video Network. Create a “virtual partnership” with us and use our proprietary video player and Verified Views technology within your own mobile apps. Schedule, order, and …

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Campaign Ignitor - A Mobile Video Ad Platform

Jinglz is preparing to launch a new premium programmatic direct ad platform for mobile video, called  Campaign Ignitor .  This new platform will aggregate the users from all future third-party apps, …

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PlayJinglz - Play, Engage, & Win!

PlayJinglz is the first app to feature our  Verified Views  ad tech, which utilizes facial & audio detection, and our rewards-based engagement model. It is a sweepstakes-style gaming app …

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Recent News

Tech Company Finds Home in Historic Mount Dora

Mount Dora, FL (April 18, 2018) –  Jinglz, Inc., a mobile advertising technology company and developer of the PlayJinglz™ mobile gaming app, announced today the selection of the historic Renaissance Hotel for its company headquarters.

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Published by Scott Crumpler on Wednesday April 18, 2018

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Jinglz Inc. Releases New Gaming App That Uses Facial Detection for Verified Ad Views

Mount Dora, April 9, 2018 – Jinglz Inc., a mobile ad tech startup from Central Florida, is proud to announce the live production release of the PlayJinglz mobile app, and it is now available for public download through the Google Play Store.  As a first demonstration of their “Verified View” technology, the PlayJinglz app highlights the company’s unique approach to mobile ad engagement.

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Published by Ebony Hunter on Monday April 9, 2018

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